Academic CV


DPhil, Information, Communication and Social Science of the Internet
University of Oxford
Thesis: Grassroots Informatisation: Internet Development and Everyday Information-seeking Behaviours in rural and suburban China 
MSc, Social Science of the Internet (Distinction)
University of Oxford
Dissertation: Two Roads Diverged: A Semantic Network Analysis of Guanxi on Twitter
BA, Communication and Journalism (Hons)
Tsinghua University
DissertationPublic and Government discourse in Dongguan Incident: A Social Network Approach
BA, English Literature
Tsinghua University
Exchange program, Sociology and Communication
University of Georgia


Postdoctoral Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Project: What Do “the People” Want? Analysing online Populist Challenges to Europe. Responsible for analysing web tracking data and large-scale panel survey data in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the US

Researcher, Technology and Management Centre for Development, University of Oxford 
Project: Emerging technologies and sustainable development

Researcher, Tencent-Oxford Project, University of Oxford
Project: The Use of WeChat in Rural China: Technology, Connectedness, and Development

Researcher, Huoshui Scholar, Alibaba. 
Project: E-commerce and Information Seeking Behaviours in Rural China. Conducting fieldwork on e-commerce workshop provisions in rural China.
Researcher, in collaboration with Tsinghua University, Department of Electronic Engineering
Project: Applying Mobile Data in National Poverty Alleviation Project: An Experiment in Yunnan Province. 


2017.04-2017.07 Researcher, Development Research Centre of the State Council of China, Information Centre

2016.07-2016.09 Intern Data Analyst, System and Risk Management Office, Department of Poverty Alleviation Finance, China Development Bank

2013.09-2013.12 Intern Journalist, Xinhua News Agency, Central News Office

2012.12-2013.02 Intern Journalist, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Newspaper, Beijing Office

2012.06-2012.08 Intern Editor, People’s Daily, News Editing Office


2020. 02
Online consumption of hyper-partisan media: A transnational analysis. International Conference on New Political Imaginaries and Models in the 21st Century: A Transnational Analysis

2019. 01
Through the looking glass of Chinese Internet. Oxford Chinese Studies Society, China Centre, University of Oxford

2016. 01
Comparative Study of Chinese Culture and Social Relationships. Kellogg Colloquium. University of Oxford

2016. 05
Social Media Data, Language and Culture. Data Natives 2016. City University London


Yan, P. et al. (forthcoming).  Digital Inequalities 2.0: Legacy Inequalities in the Information Age. First Monday

Yan, P. & Schroeder, R. (2019). Variations in the adoption and use of mobile social apps in everyday lives in urban and rural China. Mobile Media & Communication

Yan, P. (2019). Information Bridges: Understanding the Informational Role of Network Brokerages in Polarised Online Discourses. In: Taylor N., Christian-Lamb C., Martin M., Nardi B. (eds) Information in Contemporary Society. iConference 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11420. Springer

Yan, P. & Yasseri, T. (2017). Two Diverging Roads: A Semantic Network Analysis of Chinese Social Connection (“Guanxi”) on Twitter. Frontiers. Digital Humanities. 4:11.

Yan, P. (2019) The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model in The Development of E-Commerce and Digital Skill Trainings in Rural China. Pathways for Prosperity. Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
Fu, X. & Yan, P. (2017) Issues Paper on Building digital competencies to benefit from existing and emerging technologies with special focus on gender and youth dimensions. Prepared for the UNCTAD Secretariat Meeting

Yan, P. & Schroeder, R. (2020). Is there a Link between Climate Change Scepticism and Populism? An Analysis of Web-tracking and Survey Data from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and the US. American Political Science Association (APSA) and American Sociological Association (ASA)
Yan, P. (2020). “Fed with the Wrong Stuff”: The Internet, Everyday Life Information Seeking, and Information Overload(?). International Communication Association (ICA) Conference
Yan, P. (2020). “Living in the Era of Attention-grabbing Designs”: The Internet and Misinformation in Everyday Life in China. International Communication Association (ICA) Conference
Yan, P. & Schroeder, R. (2019) Digital divide in the adoption and use of the Internet in everyday life: Comparative study in rural and urban Central China. International Communication Association (ICA) Conference in Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Yan, P. (2019). Information Bridges: Understanding the Informational Role of Network Brokerages in Polarised Online Discourses”. iConference 2019 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Yan, P. (2018). Grassroots Informatisation in rural China: Exploring the domestication and use of Internet in everyday information practices. The 16th Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC) at Leiden University, the Netherlands
Yan, P. (2017). The Varieties of Mobile Social Media Experiences: A Comparative Study of Rural and Suburban China. International Communication Association (ICA) Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
Yan, P. & Yasseri, T. (2016). Two Roads Diverged: A Semantic Network Analysis of Guanxi on Twitter. The International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM) in Cologne, Germany
Yan, P. (2014). Chinese Dual-discourses between Government and Civil Society: A Social Network Approach”. Accepted for conference presentation. European Conference on Complex System (ECCS)